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I'm Claire and this is my business. My background is that I’ve spent about 25 years working in Health and Social Care. After becoming unwell I decided that it was time to change direction. I decided to make enquires about taking courses in waxing and more specifically in intimate waxing. 

I felt that other people must be like me and want a more "mature" person undertaking their intimate hair removal. I have deliberately made the decision not to be salon or gym based. I want everyone to feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible and for some of us, those environments and personnel are intimidating and make what can be an anxious time even worse. 

I use a hot wax by Outback Organics that is designed for sensitive skin, this cools and envelopes the hair and is the most gentle way of waxing there is. We’ve all seen the waxing strips and the agony that these can cause – let me reassure you. I will never let those strips touch your most delicate of areas


Please don't be embarrassed about coming for an intimate wax. Yes, you will need to take your underwear off but there is no judgement and your dignity will be maintained as much as possible. I could tell you I’ve seen 100's, 1000's of people but it’s not very reassuring as I may never have seen you before. You are absolutely unique and we are all different so trust me when I say I will treat you with dignity, discretion and of course confidentiality. Whatever treatment you have done is confidential to you and I.

Hygiene is of the upmost importance and a fresh spatula always touches the waxing pot. No double dipping here! I always wear a new pair of nitrile gloves even for facial waxing.

LBGTQ clients are ALWAYS welcome.

Kim Lawless, the Waxing Queen


Kim Lawless was recommended to me, she has devised her own technique in waxing and people travel globally to be trained by her. I've been lucky and have been able to be trained and assessed as competent by Kim on 3 occasions.

Speed Waxing (everything but intimate)

Ladies Intimate Waxing 

Gentleman Intimate Waxing

I'm one of a few people in East Kent that have been trained by Kim and I'm one of few in the area that undertakes intimate waxing for men.